Graham Cracker Gingerbread House

Introduction: Graham Cracker Gingerbread House

This is a great holiday craft for kids of all ages and is easily made without the hassle of baking!

Total time required is approximately one to one and a half hours,

Total cost for this project is $15-$20.

Step 1: Gather Supplies

5 whole, unbroken graham crackers

Pastry bag or large Ziploc bag


Mixer or large bowl and hand mixer

Serrated Knife

Candy for decoration

Royal Icing Ingredients:
2 pound bag Powdered Sugar

2 tsp. lemon juice

3 egg whites

Step 2: Make the Royal Icing

In a mixer or large bowl add the lemon juice and egg whites.

Then, while mixing at a medium speed add the powdered sugar ½ - 1 cup at a time until the icing forms stiff peaks.

Step 3:

Spoon the icing into your pastry bag or large Ziploc bag.

Press the Icing into one of the bottom corners and with a scissors cut the corner that you have pushed the icing into a ¼ of an inch from the bottom.

Step 4:

Break one of the graham crackers in half along the perforation. With two of the other graham crackers cut the top into a point using a serrated knife with a “sawing” motion.

Step 5:

Squeeze the royal icing along the one of the edges of a half piece of graham cracker and one of the edges of one of the graham crackers that has a point.

Step 6:

Place the edges of the two crackers together where you have put the icing.

Step 7:

Repeat steps 5 and 6 with the other graham cracker half and graham cracker with the point.

Step 8:

Put the two joined pieces together to form the bottom of the house.

Step 9:

Add the two remaining graham cracker pieces to the roof of the house by piping icing on the flat inside of the roof.

Step 10:

Allow the icing on the house to harden for 20-30 minutes before you begin decorating.

Step 11:

Decorate your house with candies, icing, sprinkles, and whatever else you would like to use on your house! For my house I used gummy fruit slices for bushes, honey chex for the roof shingles and chimney, and peppermint candies for the front of the house.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Excellent work! This is a brilliant idea to use graham crackers. Sure beats baking sheets of gingerbread to make houses. Very nicely done!