Introduction: Grave Yard Cake!

Hello, today I’m going to show your how you can make your own grave yard cake! I know you can go on the internet and just look it up, but it would not be the same as mine. Also you should do this with family it makes the cake much more fun!


Box of Chocolate cake mix, 3eggs, 1/4C Vegetable oil, 1 1/4C water.(or what your cake box says)

Candy of your choice(like Kit Kat’s gummy worms ect...)

Bowl, measuring equipment, mixer, cake pan, toothpicks, cardboard

Frosting, icing, butter spray,

Step 1: Making the Cake!

This Is a big step. First you will need 3 eggs, 1 and 1/4C of vegetable oil, 1/4C of water, mixing equipment, and a pan! Second You will need to put the 3 eggs, vegetable oil, and water in you mixing bowl. Now stir till it is nice and smooth like the picture. Spray your pan with butter spray so it doesn’t stick to pan. Now you will need to put it in your pan, bang pan lightly on counter to get the bubbles out. Now put your cake in for the time your box says mine was 30-35 Minutes so I put it in for 32 minutes. When it is done let cool for 2-4 hours

Step 2: Decorate!!!!

Now is the time probably you have all been waiting for decoration!!! You can do it how ever you like but I’ll tell you how I did mine!! The first thing you need to do is mark out where your gate is going to be using tooth picks. Then we cut a hole in the cake for the grave and put cake crumbs next to it to look like a pile of dirt also we piled dirt on a grave so it looked like it was newly buried, Then we use the Kit Kat’s around the cake as a fence. Can we put a gummy person in the grave cut off a few arms and legs colored it with red icing for the blood put a gummy worm in the ground like it is coming out and a gummy hand with red icing for blood and put cake crumbs around it to make it look like it was coming out of the ground. We took a toothpick and stacked pumpkins and placed more pumpkins around it as a pumpkin patch we took a toothpick and put it in a bag and stood it up on one of the Kitcat so it is sitting on the fence we traced out the lines for the walkway and put crumbs on it.

Step 3: Cardboard Cut Out Time!!!!!!

We printed off a spooky tree then we placed it over top of cardboard. We used a box cutter and cut out the tree, then we colored the cardboard with black icing. Then used toothpicks in the bottom of it to place it in the cake so it did not move we did the same thing with the cross and stuck it in the cake. Then we placed a broken grave stone next to the tree with a worm going over it and green icing next to the tree to make it look like there is grass. We also took a bat and put a toothpick in it and hung it in the tree.

Step 4: CAKE TIME!!!!!!!

I could die for a slice of cake. Dig in. Don’t laugh your next ha ha Ha ha ha

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