Introduction: Gravity Falls Journal Tote Bag

Have an aspiring Dipper Pines for Halloween? Make a Journal tote bag to catch all that candy!

Step 1: Use a Red Tote Bag and Acrylic Paints

I don't have step by step photos on this bag, but I wanted to create something to enhance my son's Dipper Pines costume for Halloween. He wanted to create a journal to carry around, and that's when it hit me: if you're going to carry something while trick-or-treating, use a bag painted like the journal to double as a candy bag!

I ordered a red tote bag from Amazon and used acrylic paints with a variety of brushes to paint the bag, using this image as a guide. I started using fabric paints, but found they didn't lay down as thick a coat of color as I wanted and let the red color of the bag show through. When I switched to acrylics (such as those available at craft stores for wood and other applications), I got much better coverage and truer color.

Each section has at least two coats of paint, and I sketched out the shapes prior to painting them in. I used black paint to outline everything, making it appear more finished and giving it a good, cartoony look. When the front and back turned out so well, I decided to finish the sides with the book binding, as shown in the inspirational picture, and "pages" on the other side.

When everything was painted and had dried, I used good old Mod-Podge to add a clear protective coat and make the color really last. Now, we have a great candy bag for Halloween and a cool tote bag for when we take trips!