Introduction: Great Party Invitations on Canva

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So you need invitations.

No paper. No time to go to the store. Not willing to fill out blanks on store bought cards.
Who reads mail anyway?

These are great invitations to text or email to your guests.
Here’s how to make great party invitations on Canva.

Step 1: Get Started

Choose “invitation” as your design.
Don’t choose a template.
Take three circles out of “elements”.

Make each one a different color. You’ll delete these later, you’re making a color scheme now.

Step 2: Background

Open “photos” or “uploads” and choose a picture.

Use this as your background by dragging and hovering the photo until it’s “ghost” fills the invitation. Let go.

Nice backdrop huh?

Step 3: Elements

Choose elements that go with your party theme. For this example I am using ocean theme.

How about a birthday cake too? I’m just sayin’...

Try changing position and transparency too.

Step 4: Info

Type your information! (Btw this is just an example, I am not actually making invitations)

Choose an interesting font and color for your text. Be sure to include all details of the party!

Step 5: Finish Off

Delete those circles from before. You don’t need them anymore. Add or change anything you don’t want. There, you’re done!