Introduction: Great Way to Use Leftover Cake Cut Offs/Scraps

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Many of us bake cakes and many of us end up with some cake cut offs. A good number of people tend to throw the cut offs away for a simple reason. They don’t know what to do with it! However, there is no need for that!

Enjoy our easy recipes!

Step 1: Now You Have a Few Options Here:

1. Eat the cut offs – this is manageable if you have a small cake or many people to help you with eating!

2. Use them to make something delicious!

3. Freeze them (and use them some other day to make fast and simple dessert)

So the easiest way how to use the cut offs is to make little cake balls –truffles.

Step 2: Recipe:

There is no actual recipe here as every single time it will be different. Simply put the cake cut offs in a food processor and process until they look like breadcrumbs (you can use hands too). Place them in a bowl and add anything you like! Usually when making a cake you also have some filling left such as butter cream, chocolate, strawberry…. So add this in. Add a few table spoons of rum (or rum flavoring) and mix. You can also add melted butter (if too dry), ground nuts or your favorite jam!

Step 3: Method:

Once all the ingredients are well blended, taste it! If you are happy with its taste, then:

1. Form small balls. These balls can be covered in cocoa powder, coconut or ground nuts. Place them in a fridge for a few hours until set.

2. Use the mixture as the base for a cake (if you feel like making another one, that is!). Simply press the mixture into the bottom of a cake tin. Place it in a fridge and top with anything you like!

3. Use it to make parfait desserts! You can also use the plain cake crumbs for this, if preferred!

There is actually way more ways how the cake scraps can be used so next time you make a cake, don’t throw them away. Use them or freeze them for a later use!

Happy baking from Happy Foods Tube!

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