Introduction: Greek Yogurt, Making+ Storing Cultures.

Thick yogurt is a must have in my kitchen. Most of my recipes uses Greek yogurt e.g for that perfect Shish touk marination.

Did u know Greek yogurt is simply the yogurt that has been strained to remove its water content?

It has a slightly sweet flavour but you can actually substitute it with normal strained yogurt which is perfect for #dahibaray #lassi. However for that perfect #shishtouk I will teach you a perfect way of making Greek yogurt every time, may the quantity be half or doubled.

I even preserve the store bought Greek yogurt in 1/2 Tb spoon molds for quick starter. These adorable sea shell molds just served the amount needed along with added cuteness.


1 litre milk
a borosilicate square bowl with lid
a whisk
an instant thermometer
thick yogurt culture( or any fresh thick yogurt preferred store bought.)
a saucepan to heat up milk

Step 1:

Boil milk if it’s pasteurised or you feel it is skimmed milk with 3% fat. Boiling is essential for the creamy texture.

Keep the thermometer probe in the hot milk until it reaches 52 degree Celsius ( for heat of India)
Your first check point can be 59 so you can keep the eye until it reaches 52.

Step 2:

Add 1 TBS Greek yogurt. You can even use plain strained yogurt if you want traditional yogurt taste.
Whisk whisk whisk.
Use can even pour from one container to another. But make sure not to lower temp down 50 degree.

Step 3:

temperature. Range 48, 49, 50 degree works for me. Anything under or over spoils the yogurt.

Step 4:

Seal the pot with the lid not letting the warmth escape from above. Store in a dry place e.g a cabinet for 6 hours

In winters you may add it to a hotpot but for summers it’s a No no.

Step 5: Your Yogurt Is Ready

After 6 hrs yogurt was removed. Refrigerated for 1+ Hrs strained and then lightly blended

Step 6: