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Introduction: Greeting Card

This is one of the beautiful cards created by me on the occasion of TEACHERS DAY. Being a mechanical engineering student I thought of some machine elements , moreover my love towards nature made me add some twist to it.

Thus what i made is was an assemblage of nature with technology, showing my love towards both nature, technology and not to forget my teachers too.

Step 1: What We Need

All we need is :

1.Paper ( chart paper, petal paper, craft paper, etc )




5.Marker or sketch pens



Step 2: Selecting the Design

It consists of selecting the design based on your purpose. For ex.- As i was need to make the card for mechanical engineering teachers, I thought of some gears, tools, and assembled it with some flowers.

Step 3: Cutting Out the Design

Once the design is selected we cut out the design from a cardboard and cover it with paper of desired colour. Similarly small accessories like tools, flowers etc. are cut out and covered with paper.

After this the we construct the flower by cutting paper in the form of small petals, rolling them to give the desired curvature, and then joining them one by one on a firm base.

Step 4: Final Assembly

Once all the parts are made we join them and write beautiful quotes on it .

Step 5: Final Result

Now what we have is this beautiful card.

Step 6:

Step 7:

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Now this is what we call an engineers card...... nice concept