Introduction: "Grenade" Workout Drink

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Home made "Grenade" workout drink. ive been trying to lose some weight as I was told by the doctor tgat I am clinically obese, I was 227lb and am 5'9"(Porker). some of the young guys at work suggested "Grenades" some fat burning tablets so I dilligently researched them on 't internet and thought better of it as I was diagnosed with a mild heart condition and pulminory hypertension 2 years ago they contain green tea caffiene and some other "naughty" stimulants and vitamins / minerals for energy and to raise the heart rate. As is usually the case with me I dont like being told not to have or do something, I decided to have a go at making a safer similar thing, this is my recipe for a nice green tea energy booster with about 3 calories per 250ml glass

Step 1: Boil Water and Brew the Tea

start by bringing 2 litres of water to the boil or almost about 95 degrees will do, when done add 10 green tea bags and leave to steep for the requisite time 2-3 minutes.add your choice of sweetner if desired, I used 3 tsp of stevia as I like the similarity to sugar but sugar will do also saccarin or accesufame k whatever you have basically.remove the tea bags, squeezing if desired, add lemon juice about 4-5 tbsp (thats what the sugar is for unless you like lemons you twisted soul) then add 16 pro plus or similar caffiene tabs and dissolve completely.Allow to cool to room temperature about 25 degrees or so then add 5 Berocca or similar effervescent vitamin energy booster tablets I used a similar thing I get from the local cheap shampoo and deodorant type shop that does painkillers and flu medicines they cost about a fifth of the price and taste the same and do the same job, I believe.Then put in a washed out 2litre coke bottle or similar and chill overnight, it tastes very very nice and is a good accompaniment to hard cardio exercise.Im doing about 2000 calories of cross trainer a day and have lost 6lb this week, in no way am I claiming its down to this drink its pure hard work and careful eating, although this drink can't hurt and tastes really good