Introduction: Grim Reaper on Hoverboard Costume

I bought a cheap Grim Reaper costume as a template.

At the store they had torn/messy fabric ($6 each). I bought a few. I stitched the fabric over the cheap costume to give it texture.

The bottom is made of cotton filler wrapped around an old pair of shoes. I spray painted the cotton black which also helped make the cotton harden a bit. I also used the same fabric to wrap the cotton filler bottom. For ease of use and so it doesn't fall apart I made the two feet independent.

The staff consists of a plastic axe top from the halloween store. It was on a long plastic tube which didn't look good. So I cut the axe off and attached it to a real piece of bamboo. I painted the bamboo and used leather and twine to give it texture and add to the realism. I painted the axe part with red and black paint to make it look less plastic.

Step 1: LED Lights

The board it self has blue led lights and while I could turn them off I decided to embrace them so I didn't just look like a dark figure.

I got a couple battery operated strings of LED lights from amazon and diffused them by wrapping them in cotton fill. I had so much cotton fill. The stuff is cheap to buy.I also wrapped the mask leds with cotton that helped diffuse the led lights but also lifts the hood up slightly so the lights can shine though more easily. If I had more LEDs I would have added them around the eyes to light up my own eyes.

I taped all the battery packs to an old belt.

The cross was made by making a black box out of plastic and black duck tape. The duck tape covered the whole box except for a shape of a cross. I shoved a whole string of leds in the box and because of the duck tape the light only came out the cross shape.

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