How to Make Crepes for Chandeleur (Groundhog Day | Candelmas)

Introduction: How to Make Crepes for Chandeleur (Groundhog Day | Candelmas)

Today is the day of "chandeleur" groundhog day .
I propose an original french recipe, easy to do.

Step 1: All Ingredients

We usually call this recipe

4 glasses of milk (1 Liter)
3 eggs
2 glasses of wheat flour (400g of flour)
1 pinch of salt

25mL rum (use brown rum if you have, taste is better)
And 1 pinch of cinnamon

Step 2: Put the Flour in Jar

You can sift flour which will make it lighter

Step 3: Time of Eggs

Put in the jar 3 eggs with the flour

Step 4: 1st Cup of Milk

It is very important not begin to mix the dough before adding the first cup of milk if you have a grainy dough.

mix vigorously until have a smooth dough and without grainy. ( you can use whisk or whisk mixer, blender do lot of grainy)

Continue with each other cups

Step 5: Final Mix

add last cup of milk, salt, cinnamon and rum (25mL = 4 caps of rum's bottle)

mix again and let stand 1hour (you can let stand dough one night)

Step 6: Cooking

Heating up the stove over medium heat

Rub the stove with a bit of butter on a cloth

Made dough flowing into the stove

Cook 1 minute intervals until pancakes are off. The return

(According to tradition, it blew up pancakes)

Step 7: Tasting

You can add sugar, chocolate powder, jam.

Eat them

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    i'm french and i approuve this instructable, and it seem that is done in france, your eggs are not white, you're using " la baleine" salt and dillon rum.... and you're using grams and you power plugs seem to be in the european style. did i'm right ?


    13 years ago on Introduction

    You should probably change your title to something more descriptive of your instructable. For example "How to make crepes for Chandeleur (Candlemas / Groundhog Day). It took me until the middle of your instructable to figure out what you were actually making...


    13 years ago on Introduction

    French word for these is "crêpes" (plural) You can cook it one side, then return and put on it some cheese, ham, egg. The recipe may be changed a bit for these as it is a salty meal. Happy chandeleur everybody


    Reply 13 years ago on Introduction

    if you want try salty meal, replace flour by black wheat flour (sarrasin) . taste is better


    13 years ago on Introduction

    Never heard of these, but they look like pancakes, and boy, do they look delicious!
    Great job, I want some. :P