Introduction: Growing Pea Shoots on the Office Desk

Pea Shoots are one of the tastiest microgreens for a beginner to grow. I really wanna have some of them during lunchtime in the office. So let's try to grow some pea shoots on my office desk.

Long story short, here's the timelapse video for the pea shoots in 11 days.

Step 1: Container Preparation

In order to observe how the pea shoots grow, I use a transparent acrylic container this time. However, exploding the root to any source of light is not good for the plants. Therefore, please use a dark color container instead.

Sanitize all the containers to grow the microgreens with alcohol. Follow the instruction of the label on the chemical bottle.

Step 2: Growing Medium Preparation

Pour organic soil into a plastic container and fill it up halfway. Microgreens don’t require a lot of nutrients to grow, therefore compost soil is not necessary.

Step 3: Seedling and Watering

Spread the seed densely over the top of the soil. Don’t worry about the density since we are growing microgreen, not a mature vegetable.

Some seeds require you to pre-soak a handful of seeds to promote early germination (follow directions on the seed packet). After the presoaking is complete, rinse and drain the seeds in a colander. If you’re worried about bacteria spreading from one seed to the rest, you can add a little hydrogen peroxide to the seed.

Pour water into an empty container. Check the pH value of the water. The best pH value for microgreens to germinate is between 6 - 6.5.

Usually, tap water in the city is a little bit alkaline. You may correct the pH value with a little bit of lemon juice. Pour water into a spray bottle. Use a spray bottle to water the soil evenly.

Watering the pea shoots 1-2 times a day is fine.

Step 4: Be Patient With the LED Lighting, Wait for 11 - 14 Days

Put the growth box under LED lighting and be patient for 11 - 14 days.

Step 5: Haversting

After all the hard works and patience, it's time for harvesting.