Introduction: Guenevere Costume

Here’s my Halloween costume for this year. I used a Simplicity pattern 4940, and a free, downloadable pattern from for the cape. As for the crown, that is my own creation!

For materials, I used Classic Suiting for the body of the dress, Silk for the sleeves, Gold Netting for the collar and upper sleeves, Gold trim for the decorative detailing around the collar and sleeves, matching Cording for the sleeves (they're adjustable!), and 5yds of Fleece for the cape (because I lined the cape with fleece for extra warmth).  For the crown, I used Gold Beads, with Gold plated wire and vintage plastic blue beads.

This is my first time branching out from cotton. Thank goodness for my serger, which I used on most of this project! The pattern was pretty simple to follow, though I would recommend going a size smaller for the neckline and collar. I needed to use double sided garment tape to keep the dress from sliding down. Also, unless you’re using velvet, the pattern calls for way more fabric than needed. I have *tons* left over.

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