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Introduction: Guerilla Gardening With a Bra

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This instructable was done by my lovely wife...

In our Gray world we wanted to add some color in the streets. Therefor we started with the light posts in front of our house.

We used an old bra to create a plant hanger. And to give old fashion a new life.

Step 1: Sewing Together the Two Cups

At first we need something like a bowl to hold the plant and the earth. Therefore we sewed togeter the two cups right over the (steel) strap (The thing which supports underneath the breasts).

To create a nice and round shape it is addicted to use padded bras.

Step 2: Reinforcement and Fixture

To allow the attachment of the bra at a light post or other structure we reinforced the under breast ribbon and the shoulder straps with wire. Furthermore we added some additional hocks to the bra.

Step 3: Add Some Plastic...

To allow shiny look for a long time we decided to add a old plastic bag into the bra. This way the dirty water don't discolor our hanger. But to allow too much water to drain out we stitched in some small holes.

Step 4: Apply Some Earth and a Plant

We used standard earth from "home depo" and a nice aster (The plant).

Step 5: Assembly

To mount the bra hanger to the pole it is required to entwine the lower part of the bra around it. The shoulder straps are also entwine around it. Some additional ribbon hold everything together.

Step 6: Further Steps

We plan to build some more of those bra-plant-hangers and attach them to every light post in town :-)

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    3 years ago

    I though maybe we would see a double barrel sling shot to fire off seed bombs. ;)

    Layer 8
    Layer 8

    Reply 3 years ago

    Cool idea, may working on this in the future...


    4 years ago

    Best title for an instructable ever! Good idea, too.

    Layer 8
    Layer 8

    Reply 4 years ago

    Thanks a lot.