Guide to Lift/element Hybrids

Introduction: Guide to Lift/element Hybrids

About: I'm into knex ball machine stuff. My favourite parts are lift/element hybrids, probably because I tried building a perpetual ball machine. It didn't work, of course. All my knex stuff is creative common, and …

I started by trying to make a perpetual ball machine, but in the end I made lift/element hybrids. Eventually I made a ball machine where network 2 did not have any motors. Here's a guide to more of these!

If you have designed any lift/element hybrids, contact me and I'll add them!

Guide to all Knex Ball Machine elements:

Step 1: Half-turn

When no balls are in this element, it hangs with the weight pointing down. When balls are added to it, it flips over, raising one ball but the other ball is lowered even more.

To make your own, copy the pictures.

Step 2: Quarter-turn

Also acting as a path selector, the first ball tips a path which has second ball on it, then the second ball raises and lands on the path above it. An example of hybrid is found in this ball machine.

Step 3: Bump

A simple element where the counterweight of the element has a ball on it, which gets 'bumped' up when the element is used. It usually only goes up 1 blue rod but is effective when your design goes wrong and the ball ends up a little lower than it should.

Step 4: Stepper Bumps

By combining the previous element with the stepper lift, another lift-element hybrid is made.
To make this, copy the stepper lift then modify the top for ball arms.
Stepper lift instructions:

Hybrid explained in this ball machine:

Step 5: Ratchet Arm

Another lift/element that uses an arm, but this one is attached to a small wheel lift via gears and a ratchet. See the pictures 6-9 for ratchet instructions.
Note that the first picture is not the same design as the rest of them. I included this picture because it shows all the mechanics.

Hybrid explanated:

Step 6: Quarter Arm

Inspired by an element in Project Concatenate by Yardking, a ball goes on the arm at furthest leverage, pulling it down. A second ball then rolls onto the arm while the arm resets, resulting in that ball raising.

Too see a video, click the link below.

Step 7: Weighted Kick

When a ball enters this, the arm presses in, then 'kicks' up with the ball on it. The ball then rolls across the top. A separate ball goes on an arm to reset the lift.


Step 8: Jigsaw Lift With Added Element

The Jigsaw lift has two parts of it's rotation: half a revolution moves the ball up, while the other half resets the lift.
The extra element replaces the motor. It uses the ball's weight to do the hard part of the lift, then gravity resets the hybrid. An example of this hybrid is found in this video:

Step 9: That's All!

I hope this was inspirational! Please send me any new designs for a lift/element hybrid, and I'll add it to this list.

Happy knexing!

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    7 years ago

    your ideas are always so innovative. great job!


    7 years ago

    your ideas are always so innovative. great job!


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Nice dude! You have to be very ingenious to make a network of lifts with no motors! :) Subscribed!