Introduction: Guitar Hook (cured Ham Related)

I bought a cured ham from Aldi, and it came with a little wooden stand that you could rest the meat on while trying your best to carve thin bits of loveliness.

It reminded me of a guitar hook, and so i kept it.

12 months later i decided to do something with it.

Step 1:

I used the shorter of the two 'stand' parts to lessen the lever effect.

Drew a pencil line to mark the middle of the stand on the back of the base.

Marked two drill points inside the dowel points, but with enough clearance for the screws (2" brass)

Applied glue to the surfaces to be connected, then screwed the two parts together

Step 2: Customising the Hook

I sat the guitar on the hook and marked on either side where it sat.

I then removed some wood with a chisel, just to give the guitar something to grab on to.

This helped prevent any slippage.

I may in future add some kind of strap, leather would be nice, although one of those little rubber stretchy figures may work

Step 3:

I then marked a vertical line down the centre of the bracket

Drilled two holes

Marked through these onto the wall where i knew the vertical support beams where

Drilled the wall and inserted wall plugs

Screwed the bracket to the wall

Step 4:

I had another stand knocking around (do like cured ham) and made another hook, actually made one first, then decided to make this instructable with the second one.

This is my first instructable, and I hope it is of use to someone out there!

Please let me know what you think.


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