Introduction: Guitar Pick Holder

This is a quick and simple design that can hold up to 20 picks in a cool, holder.

Step 1: Step 1, Prep,

All you will need is the cardboard from kitchen roll, 4 tooth picks, selotape, scissors and a pen. (I used one of my picks as well to size and adjust as I went along.)

Step 2: Step 2, Mark and Cut,

when marking ensure there is at least a centimeters space in between each cut. on mine I marked the cuts to be two centimeters wide and then adjusted it to fit my picks.

Step 3: Step 3, Insert and Secure Toothpicks.

When inserting toothpicks stick the pointed side in, then take out and put in the other side. Repeat this for all legs, making sure each two legs meet inside the tube. Use selotape to secure on the outside and if you are having trouble on the inside, use blu tac to hold each two toothpicks together.

Step 4: And There You Have It!!!

Wasn't too hard was it