Guitar Survival Kit - Acoustic

Introduction: Guitar Survival Kit - Acoustic

About: I live in Denmark, and i will show you how to make things for survival, art, awesomeness, and much more! Check it out! ??

This is my Survival Guitar Kit! Its very handy to have with you.

Step 1: Whats Inside

Inside there is:
1 Mouth Harmonica
1 Tuner
3 Picks
And 1 cabo

Step 2: Stuff

This is all you will ned to play, tune, and having on you guitar, and if you have a friend then he can play the harmonica!

Step 3: Smart

I designes this so the tuner can slide in and out, but you have to pull a little bit, so its not just fall out all the time.

Step 4: Done

Hope you liked that! I will also made one for Electric guitar. Make sure to check that out. Bye!

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