Introduction: Gum Wrapper Stylus

Make a capacitive stylus! Spend nothing!

Know anyone one who buys chewing gum or cigarettes? Wrappers with one side foil (conductive) and one side paper (insulator) can be rolled into a capacitive stylus!

  • I've tried the other DIY stylus ideas. The sponge stylus isn't capacitive enough, and antistatic foam will leave black powder on your screen.
  • I've used this wrapper stylus a couple months, the paper tip does not scratch or leave residue, in fact it picks up dirt off the screen.
  • After it gets dirty just throw it away, make another. Easy gifts!

Step 1: Step 1: Find a Gum Pack or Cigarette Carton

  • You need a wrapper with one side shiny foil (conductive) and one side clean paper (insulator).
  • Chewing gum or cigarette packs usually have this. If you use a chewing gum wrapper, wipe any gum powder off the paper first.
  • Carefully remove the wrapper from the rest of the package.

Step 2: Step 2: Get a Metal Handle

  • The handle must be conductive (metal).
  • Take any cylindrical object, like a pen, and wrap tin foil around it. Tape it secure.
  • You can also use an aluminum rod (broken antenna) as a handle.

Step 3: Step 3: Roll the Wrapper Into a Tube

  1. Place the foil/paper wrapper flat with the paper side down.
  2. Place the end of your handle on the foil.
  3. Roll the longest side around the end of the handle into a tight tube. Tape it secure.

Step 4: Step 4: Roll the Capacitive Tip

You should now have a tube extending the metal handle, with the foil inside, and the paper outside.

  1. Squish the hollow part of the tube flat.
  2. Roll-up the end of the flattened tube. It should look like a swirl. Tape it secure, leaving the top of the roll exposed as the tip.

Step 5: Step 5: Test It

It takes a few attempts to get one that works real good. A wrapper bigger than a 2 inch square should be enough.

Lots of people just throw these capacitive wrappers away. Reuse the wrappers, keep your dirty fingers off your screen.