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I had some left over pallet wood from a previous project, so I decided to try and have a go at making a rustic sign. It really is a super easy project and can easily be achieved in an afternoon. It also makes for a great gift. I am sure this is going to be the first of many, as there are so many styles that can be used.

Step 1: Create a Design!

I wanted to keep the first one simple as I wanted a prototype, to see how long it would take and what results could be achieved;

1 - Use spray adhesive to mount your design, for any Beatles fans. I can also not get this song out of my head!

2 - Ensure you have two contrasting colours as it will make it easier to carefully cut and peel away all of the background, until all you are left with is the text.

3. I then covered this with some white matt emulsion paint, I did this roughly ensuring to leave brush marks as I wanted a rustic look. Once that had dried I again carefully peeled away the text.

Step 2: It Really Is That Quick!

Once that had dried I sanded it down with some 100 grit sandpaper to increase the rustic look, but take care to not damage the outline of the text. Then I sanded it smooth using 200 grit and lastly applied two coats of clear matt varnish. This really makes the text stand out from the white paint and shows of the pallet woods rustic charm.

Step 3: Done.

I then hung this by using 12mm natural braided twine, which really adds to the rustic theme that I wanted to achieve.

Overall I am really happy with how this has turned out, I can see them becoming very popular amongst friends and family, which is good as I have lots of ideas of different ways in which I can make them.

Appreciate any comments that you have and would to see any other examples that you might have.


Happy Making.

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