Introduction: H.E. Homemade Electrocardiogram

H.E. aspires to be an stand-alone and feature packed Electrocardiogram developed on the ChipKit Wifire Platform.

As a freshman at a Technical University under the department of Automation i really wanted to have a non-formal educational mean of self-improvement, hence I choose to enroll to the DigilentContest and have my first "real life" project.The idea arose from being interested in waveforms and signal processing and from the fact that a reading and interpreting someone's hearth seems like one of the most powerful achievements of modern electronics.After all it is what keeps our blood pumping and enables us to make such projects with passion.The backbone of the project consists of an Chipkit Wifire.

The device can be subdivided in the following main parts:

I.Input Receiver and Converter

The purpose is to convert of this subpart is to correctly receive signal from the human body and to convert it from an analog waveform into digital signal such that the ChipKit Wifire can interpret it.

II.Mainframe Signal Processing and Interpreting

--To be continued--

III.Data transmission/Internet Communication

--To be continued--

The block diagram explains the main working idea behind the project and gives an overview of the Project Itself.

Usages of the project:

Note: This article is in no way shape or form final, many more informations will be added as time progresses.

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Step 1: I.Input Receiver and Converter

This part was developed in part with the help of an awesome Electronist Laurus Ciprian, it consists of a op-amp and a band pass filter coupled with a voltage stabilizer in order to obtain the differential of potential from the hearth and read conclusive signal.

The schottky diodes protects the circuit agaits unwanted high voltage inputs, next comes the ina128 op-amps which reads the potential difference of the hearth and lastly a band pass filter whose role is to allow only certain frequency signals to pass.