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Step 1: How to Make This Project ?

Check the video above to see it working....

Step 2: Equipment Lists

The materials needed are:

A CNC Laser Draw or a mother's picture

Arduino Nano

3D Printable Parts for boxing

RGB stribe Led


BD 135 Transistor

10K Resistor

That is it :)

Step 3: CNC Laser Drawing

If you have a CNC Laser Engraver, you can draw a picture of your mother. In this picture you can see some samples.

Step 4: Electronic Circuits

And next step about circuit.

as you can see on pics you have to soldering arduino nano,rgb stribe led, transistor and resistor. Very simple circuit. We are using pinout 12 on arduino.

Step 5: Boxing

We are using 3D Pirnter for boxing. But if you dont have a 3d printer, you can use different boxes. Doesnt matter.

In this pictures, you can see how to do this.

Step 6: Arduino Code for Heartbeat Lamp and STL File for 3D Printer

You can find arduino code for heartbeat and also find stl file for 3d printer