HEX - the Best Static Toy

Introduction: HEX - the Best Static Toy

These are the steps I used.

1. I created a CAD file in Solidworks 2016 of each shape that I wanted. I made sure they were all multiples in size. I also had to put large radii on all of the bottom edges to make them safer and easier to pick up.

2. Don't forget to put in the holes for the magnets you purchased.

3. Then just print out you pieces.

4. After that is finished, prime and sand all of them to create a smooth surface.

5. Paint the pieces the colors that you want, and finish them off with a clear coat.

6. Then find your self some metal and have some fun.

7. Good Luck

8. Don't forget to check out the PDF of the final product below!


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    Well its more of a puzzle toy, the magnets are on 1 side of each piece. you can make different patterns and shapes.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    How do you play with it? Is it a building toy or a puzzle toy?