HO Scale Trailer Car Model Railroading

Introduction: HO Scale Trailer Car Model Railroading

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Hey everyone! I thought I would get my first model railroading 'ible. So, this is a lego trailer on an ho scale car. I thought I could build one of these for my model railroad in my room. I have seen these trailer cars on trains before and caught them. So I figured, why not? Hope you guys like it and dont forget to comment and sub, pls!

Step 1: Pieces

You will need the following lego pieces:
6 dark tan 2x4
4 brown 2x4
3 grey 2x4
2 red 2x4
2 brown 2x6
1 grey 2x2
2 grey 2x2 flat
1 grey 2x2 smooth top
2 sand 2x8
4 L shaped flats (any color)
4 small tires
2 2x2 wheel connectors
2 2x4 flats
2 1x4 flats
1 tan hole centered 1x1
1 light grey inside piece (above grey smooth flat piece)
1 circular top (the transparent orange piece)

Step 2: Bottom

Follow the pictures.......

Step 3: Side 1 Part 1

Again follow the pics.....

Step 4: Side 2

Turn the trailer before moving on to the pics.

Step 5: Side 1 Part 2

Flip the trailer back over to side 1 before moving on.

Step 6: Top

Very simple...

Step 7: Wheels and Stand

Make sure to do these correctly.

Step 8: Assembly

Do these all perfectly.

Step 9: How to Put On

If you have a car like this, it would be a lot easier. Assemble as shown in the pictures

Step 10: Finished!!

Congrats! You now have a lego trailer ho scale car! Thank you for viewing this! If you havr made it, I would like to see how you have done! Thanks again! Till next time!

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