It is home made decorative light. It is made up of using waste lamps. Lamps are use in everywhere and when it is not to use then we will throw in dustbin. But we can use it for many best ways. In that one way is home made decorative light for show purpose. We can plant it in the hall it look very beauty full in office, bedroom, study rooms, and etc. It is made up of BEST OUT OF WASTE.


  • Waste lamps
  • Lighting wire
  • wire
  • insulating tape, gum tape
  • 2 Different size square metal wire
  • 2 small wood sticks
  • thread

Step 1: Waste Lamps

These are waste lamps. It is made up of glass. To make this modal we should collect many waste lamps. After collecting to use in decoration we should remove that upper part of lamps and clean all inner part of lamps. After cleaning all that we should tie a thread from that lamps and leave the extra thread for tie to frame.

Step 2: Lightning Wire

This is a lightning wire. It is available in any electrical shops. It's rate is nearly 20-30 Rs. Mostly it is used in any festivals, decoration, photo shoot. I used it in lamps for lamp decoration.

Step 3: Metal Wire and Wood Stick

It is metal frame made up of metal wire. It is available in hardware shop. To do hard and lightweight frame metal wire is used. I done the two different size frames, big frame for outer side and small frame for inner side. And both frame are attached using wood sticks as shown in fig above.

Step 4: Insulating and Gum Tape , Thread

these things comes into miscellaneous material. The thread is used for tie the lamps to metal frame. The insulating tape is used for insulating the wire when we joint the two wires. From one lamp to another lamp external separate wire it is used. And another that gum tape is used for tie the wire to thread.

Step 5: Complete Frame

This is complete frame with all material used. It look like this as shown in pic above.It is fixed in scaling rod in study room. This picture taken when it fixed.

Step 6: Complete Lightning Decoration Frame

It is complete frame of lightning decoration. After all connection it looks like this. This picture are taken from lower and side angle.It looks awesome when we plant in room.

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