This project is about about a small hot air balloon that you can make at home when you have nothing to do you can have fun with it. You put some stuff in the cup like pencils but not too much weight because it wont rise but if you want you can add more balloons. This can also be for your kids because kids tend to getting bored a lot so then this would be a fun project to have fun with. I insist that you help or watch you kid because you need scissors for these project so be safe.


  • paper
  • string or rope but has to be thin
  • scissors
  • balloon or more
  • pencil
  • tape


Cut the paper with the scissors then role the paper and this is when you use the tape to make a cylinder but make the cylinder like a medium cup size and be careful with the scissors when your cutting the cylinder out. don't put too much tape but if you need to you can just try not too put a lot of a tape on the cylinder because less weight then the balloon can rise higher. My cylinder is between 5 to 5.5 so try to get around their.

Step 2: Covering the Bottom of the Cylinder

You should still have some extra pieces of paper so you want to make a square that is covering the bottom of the paper. You put the cylinder on top of the square then you grab your pencil, outline the circle on the bottom of your cylinder. Then you would want to tape the circle to the bottom of the cylinder so you can put things in it but if their are a few holes just tape them to the cylinder. Don't try to put stuff that weighs a lot because you can end up breaking the cup or it wont rise at all.

Step 3: Blowing Up the Balloon Taping It With String or Rope

This is when you blow up the balloon then tie it so no air comes out but try to make it big or maybe just little big so it can lift the cup. You need to cut a long 4 pieces of string then tape each piece of rope onto the top of the balloon then tape the bottom of the rope to the cup and it should look like a hot air balloon. Make sure that you try to spread the rope or string apart so it doesn't tilt when it floats. But if you don't want it to rise you just want for decoration then what I insist is using it for holding your pens or pencils because the cup is useful for using to hold pencils. The final step is enjoy it and have fun, hoped you enjoyed.

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