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I remember that when I was college student I ever wanted to make a nice project and my teacher of Digital Electronic passed a lesson for the semester that was the development of a Digital Clock without microncotroller. So this project just would use IC with C-MOS technology.

I will teach you how to do a simple digital Clock. Are you Ready?

This project helped a lot with a Digital Eletronica material and now I can do different projects thanks to this one.

Step 1: Separe the Electronic Components

Follow the Components required bellow:

6 - 7 Segment Display (Common Cathode)

6 - Integrated Circuits 4511

6 - Integrated Circuits 4029

1 - Integrated Circuit 4081

1 - Integrated Circuit 555

1 - 10kOhm Resistor

1 - Resistor 56kOhm

6 - 470 Ohm Resistors (Extra 10)

1 - 100nF Ceramic Capacitor

1 - 100uF Electrolytic Capacitor

4 - Led's Common Red

4 - Transistors BC 548 or BC 547

4 - 1kOhm Resistors

2 - Tactile Keys

1 - Turn Off Switch


This is the Electronic diagram of the Circuit.

For download just click in the link:

Every components showed before are in this image or PDF.

I advise to first build the 7 display segments, testing the same, but if you has difficulty with this, I have a video helping "HOW TO TEST 7 SEGMENT DISPLAY".

Be Careful with the encoder (4029) and decoder (4511). They are extremely importants for the correct functionament of the circuit.


If you are here probably it is because you got the project. So I will say more about him. The 555 is responsible for do the clock. He has 2 states, 0 and 1, when him are in level 1 increment a bit for the encoder that put more one bit for the encoder do a logic that the display show the number in the display. The logic gates are responsible for do the logic of the seconds and minutes that increment hours. I'm sorry for English mistakes, I'm learning and I do not want to use translator.

For ask or more things just comment bellow or send me a email in:

Thank's so much guys and see you in the next class!

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