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To make this cool projects you will need~

An RGB LED with wires already soldered

3 plastic cups

Rotary Tool with 4mm drill bit or poke a hole with soldering iron

Super glue

Step 1: Drilling a Hole for the LED

First get the tool and drill a hole for the led,

Next get the led and place it in the hole (it should fit very snug but put a few drops of super glue.)

Step 2: Adding Another Cup

Now get a new cup and placing upside down on the table,

Then get your led cup an place it on top,

after that apply a few drops of super glue around the top of the cup to help it stay in place!

Step 3: Giving It Power

Start by getting a button cell 3 volt battery and taping both of the led wires to it ,

Next place it in a new cup and place your other 2 joint cups on top (try to cover most of the wires)

Step 4: Test

Lastly add some water and kill the lights...

WOW!!! Your finished!

Well Done!

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