Introduction: Habitat

Try to give to my little one an habitat as much as similar possible how the will do in nature. So taking that as a base you can see that I made three levels in the habitat.

In the bottom, I decided as a main underground, where I put the bed water and his wheel. I was hoping to him to decide sleep in tht level, but he picked his sleeping spot at the middle level as you can see in the picture I added.

In the middle level, my idea was simulate the digging chamber where they use to play and hide food; and he does, but also he loves to sleep here :)

and the third level is the outworld, where I placed as best as I could the little garden for lil''Micke.
Here is were I put his food hidden in the garden to him to haunt''. Also here I put a little area with sand so he can take his baths (If someone doesn't know, this lettle hasmters do not wash with water, skin/hair protection reasons). I also put some earthworms and he love to dig and found them.

My idea with all of this is that he stop using his wheel as much as possible and replace this with actual walk in the outside track of the garden, as you can see in the picture... All of this to make him live the most similar as he would do in nature.

Hope Everybody like it.


Supples recycling everything I could find around...

the main is the acrylic glass I found for lucky in the sheed.

then some screws,non toxic silicone for acuariums to seal some edges and reinforce joints.and a lock for the latteral door for cleaning.
This last ones were the only items I bought, the rest, recycling stuff I found, fdor example the tubes I used to the hamster to connect between levels is from and old hoover a neightboor binned, after a nice cleaning, the perfect way to him to go around between levels.

A little of imagination is quite important, and know of course the needs of your little friend.

Step 1: Size

Fisrt thing to know is the dimensions you want for the habitat, mesure the item are you gonna put inside and make sure that the levels are according the size of the item you are gonna put inside, in my case the Item that determinated the height of the first level was the spinner wheel (you can see it in the picture) about 20cm so the bottom level height is 25cm.

In the second level the height is smaller bacause this make it easier to fill it up whit the bedding to simulate the digging task (At the end is his favorite place to sleep... hahaha).

The third level need to be tall to avoid him climb over and escape ;)

Step 2: Assemble and Sealing

After mesure and cut all the sides you need to make the habitat, of course the next step is assemble everything. In my case I used some little screws attached to a piece of wood, all this to join the levels to the walls, and also for the base floor and the top, to give him some stability. After this, seal the edges floor by floor with a non toxic sillicone for terraiums.

Step 3: Gardening

This could be my favorite part of the project...

Go to the park, garden... wherever green grows... Seek for moss, little plants and tiny flowers, try to take them out from the ground with its roots.

Now some soil, fill up both round areas of the garden'' in our habitat and then just play placing the moss and the plants around. at the end just spray it with water, this is important do not pour water, it have to be sprayed to avoid be soaking wet and mudy.

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    2 years ago

    Amazing work!