Introduction: Hack Soap Dispenser and Save the Planet

About: Maker in progress!

Due to this covid there is shortage of hand washes across the world, due to panic buying

with this hack you can save the soap with less consumption

This is an easy DIY hack one can do it in 5 minutes.


Sealing tape

Masking tape (optional)





Step 1: Stop Panic Buying

Step 2: Product Obsolescence

Step 3: Measuring Cylinder

I used an empty bottle to measre the liquid soap.

As it is cylindrical, take the radius and height to calculate the volume.

From study, CDC recommends using 0.5-0.7 ml.

But the dispenser was giving almost double.

So, the liquid soap goes wasted unnecessarily. And to wash of the glycerin, more water will be wasted.

Step 4: Tape the Neck

To prevent it from full range of motion, Cut and place the masking tape.

On that, place the sealing tape mutliple rounds.

Before taping it check and measure if the amount of liquid soap is suffiient.

Step 5: Measure the Change

The left one is before and the right one is after taping.

The results show, its almost half.

Step 6: Stay Safe

This is a very small yet effective hack.