Introduction: Hack Voltage Regulator 7805 Into Temperature Sensor

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Hack Voltage Regulator 7805 Into Temperature Sensor

78l05 Positive 5 volts regulator can provide 100 ma max , if you overload it with excessive load then ,inbuilt over load (thermal overload protection ) kicks in and lowers the current flowing through it

This lower side of 7805 can be used as temperature sensor.

see video

Step 1: The Only Part Needed!

you will need 78l05 5v linear voltage regulator it is exactly similar to 5v regulator but it can only handle 100 ma current

Step 2: Follow This Circuit

It's just normal configuration for 78l05 voltage regulator

R1 and R2 are internal resistance you will only need external filtering and decoupling capacitors to do it effectively

input voltage should be higher than 5 volts ( you all know that )

Step 3: Is It Useful ?

well, its just hack it is not really 100 % usable because the voltage regulator tends to get heat up at 80°c and do power loss as well as change the temperature of measurand object

but considering its simplicity (only 7805) and required parts you can do it right now !

Step 4: Watch How to Do It

Stay cool and watch the tutorial.