Introduction: Hacked IPhone Charger

First you will need the 3 things shown above

1. a 10 volt apple iPad wall plug (you can get this at your local target or online)

2. The charger that came with your iPhone/iPad

3. a power cable like the ones that come with camera battery chargers or playstation

Step 1: 10 Volt Wall Adapter

1. fearmly grip the part of the wall adapter that comes off and pull

This comes off because apple sells an extension plug that fits in there but that is an expensive option this how how to do that with house hold items

Step 2: Plug in the Power

Next you take the cord from a playstation or camera charger and plug it in to the wall adapter this will take some force but just don't go to hard and it will be fine

Step 3: Charge Up

next all you have to do is plug in your usb phone charger and plug it in to the wall and you have a new 6foot(depending on your cable length) iPhone charger

Step 4: Bonus

as a bonus you can use the part you took off the the wall adapter to charger you camera batterys with out the long cable

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