Introduction: Hacked Tool Storage on My Pounding Log!!!!

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here you see my failed attempt to make space for things to hold close at hand. it couldn't even hold a hammer.... what my poor pounding log really needed was it's own tool belt..... tool belt now that's an idea!

By the way, I hacked together this log over a year ago!!!! added the shoe makers foot this year as an anvil for setting rivets and such in bad locations.

Step 1: Remove Failed Attempt

before I could really begin I had to remove the failed attempt and check out what I had to work with.

my log is round with one 4x4 in one spot. It supports the anvil so that there is direct connection to the floor while not taking up my prime pounding area.

Step 2: TOOLbelts of the Trade

materials needed....

* Tool belts
* Tool pouches
* Heavy duty purses ????
Something durable and strong that can hold stuff.
* Screws, washers, or other methods of attaching.
* Bath robe hook.
* Magnet from a computer hard drive for other tools.

Shown here is my tool belt, bought for me but only used on occasion and usually as part of a costume.

An old tool pouches I found of my father's after he passed away and never wanted to let go of.

One I found at a yard sale for 3 quarters... I was planning on using it for a pattern.

Step 3: Testing

In testing here is what I was looking for:
* Are there good spots for each of the main tools.
* How far out do they gape open when supported by the belt location?
* how might I alter the connection site to reduce how floppy they are?

I played with the tools, specifically I need a location for each hammer that I use constantly here.

I still do not have a great solution for the marble slab but everything else is covered.

The tool belt looks great, I just need to be able to detach it and wear it on the rare occasions that I might want too. so I will not be directly attaching it. It will hold the two big hammers, and all of my edgers.

My dad's pouch holds 2 of the hammers but it's floppy, I should be able to reduce this by how I connect it.

The last one I like but seems less useful I might put it on, off to one side for other stuff...

Step 4: Adding the Toolbelt

* Wow perfect fit!

Leather stretches over time.

See that hole in the 3rd pic, there is one in each so I think I'll just add a screw there on each side.

* I screwed it in so that it is just a little further out than the edge of the rivet. I also used one that was smaller than the hole so I do not even need to unscrew it if I need to snag the belt!

Step 5: Daddy's Pouch (floppy One)

This is going to be permanent for the most part so I can get more creative with approach.

* First step is placement.... thanks to this I realised that the placement would fix a lot of the floppiness.

* I used an awl and hammer that I'm putting these pouches on for to make a hole. Due to a previous hack with it there are 3 holes in the top. but I want the middle one much lower.
Yes, I have leather punches but the whole point is to make my life easier and I didn't want to get up. the awl worked just fine ?

* I attached it by using screws and washers. I used an oversized one lower down to further take care of the floppy.

Step 6: Hanging My Water Bottle

* I hung the bath hook to hang my water bottle from....

* I chose not to add the last pouch or magnets yet. I like how this is going and I want to use it for a while before adding any more.

To all the cringing leather crafters out there, so far I like this better than the sponge.

* Now for tool placement?

Step 7: Tool Her Up!


This is gonna work well I think!

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