Hacking Ghost Led

Introduction: Hacking Ghost Led

Description of project

Hacking a ghost lamp, control it with Arduino and Processing.

Step 1: Parts List

1.Ghost lamp

2.Standard wires


4.Mini USB adaptor



Tools list


2.wire cutter


4.soldering gun

Step 2: Tools List


2.wire cutter


4.soldering gun

Step 3: Theory

We find the pins that connected to the button and resolder them with wires that connected to relay, which can be controlled through Arduino and processing.

Step 4: Schematic

Step 5: Arduino And/or Processing Code

Attempt 1 ---Blink Code


Get the code here

Because of the Loop function, the Led will blink over and over again.
But we cannot turn on or off through Arduino, so let’s try Dimmer.

Attempt 2 --- Dimmer Code


Get the code here

We’ll copy the processing code embedded in Dimmer to processing and see what happen.Processing code attached below:

Processing code here

Now we can control the led by moving the mouse on the canvas processing created, when you move to black, the led will turn on, when you move mouse to white area, the Led will turn off.

Step 6: Final Results

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