Halloween Circus Booth

Introduction: Halloween Circus Booth

This was such an easy creation! I wanted to do a freakshow theme this year but not spend alot of money and took some pinterest ideas I found and remade them my way!

Step 1: Plywood Is Your Friend

I didn't pay a penny for this project, I used old plywood my friend who was moving gave me and leftover spray paint from other projects. Using a handheld skill saw I cut two long pieces that would fit in my basement, one medium sized piece for the front and had 2 small leftover pieces I used for the top and back to reinforce the whole stand.

Step 2: You Can Make This As Big or Small As You Like

After constructing this so easily with only nails I can bascially make anything now! I nailed all my pieces together until they were sturdy enough for me and then I took black spray paint and did a light coating to start my stripes like a circus tent. While waiting for it to dry I found another random piece of

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    This looks like a great decor item for halloween, and not too difficult to make. Nice work!

    What is the creepy zombie-looking thing behind the booth in your main photo? I wouldn't want to buy tickets from that guy. He looks like he'd try to eat my brains.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you! My ticket guy is actually a broom with a barkers uniform on it (from a carnival party we threw last year) and a clown mask I bought for 20 bucks online, easy and creepy!