Halloween Costume: Deviled Egg

Introduction: Halloween Costume: Deviled Egg

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This is a adorable costume. Hope you enjoy.

Step 1: What You Need

For this Project you will need
a big sheet of cardboard
white paper (about 16 sheets)
red marker
glue stick
yellow felt
2 hair clips
clear tape

Step 2: Egg Part 1

Cut out a large circle. Now glue & cover it with white sheets of paper.

Step 3: Egg Part 2

Cut out a circle of yellow and glue it to the middle. Now tape the yarn to the egg and to hang it around your neck.

Step 4: Horns

Draw with the red marker 2 horns color both sides red. Cut them out & tape them to the hair clips.

Step 5: All Done

Now put on the hair clips and hang your egg around your neck and you are now a Deviled Egg. if you make this comment and show me the picture I would love to see it. Bye

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