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Introduction: Halloween Cube Latern

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This is another simple 'ible you can do with children (maybe 4th/5th grade).

Step 1: Materials

  • Black think cardboard
  • tissue paper (orange, yellow, red, purple)
  • glue
  • scissors and cutter
  • led with batteries

Step 2: Dice

Draw a "dice" shape on the black cardboard. You can use an image of dice you can find online, or just as I do: use a square and draw the T shape. Pay attention to leave the right "wings" to glue the cube. In the photos you can see that I leave too many "wings", but it's ok, when you'll glue the cube, you'll cut the useless ones.

Step 3: Cat, Ghost, Pumpkin, Bat

Draw or copy the shapes of halloween theme. I chose cat, ghost, pumpkin and bat. Lets say that you know Halloween better than me, so you choose :)

Pay attention: the shape should be in the right direction when you close the cube.

Step 4: Cut

With cutter and scissors cut out the shapes.

If you do this with children, pay attention if you let them use the cutter. You can let them use a punch, that is safer even with small children.

Step 5: Tissue Paper

Glue squares of tissue paper over the shapes.

Step 6: Eyes and Mouth

Glue eyes and mouth on the outside of the shapes.

Step 7: Cube

Close the cube. Leave the cover openable, so you can put the led in.

Step 8: Light

I used a little led with changing colours and blinking light I already had at home.

Vote for me, if you like this 'ible :) Thank you for reading!

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Very nice! I love that you used different colors of tissue paper :)


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you. I love black cardboard with coloured tissue papers, I did a lot of works with them with pupils.

    I have a lamp with no reflector ... this will serve, thank you for your sharing

    It turned out so cute! I love the different shapes and colors on each side! Thanks for sharing!