Introduction: Halloween Cuisine Rack of Lamb

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This instructable was inspired by the Halloween food contest. My son likes to cook lamb a couple of times a month and when I decided to give lamb a try, I asked him how to cook it. He shared the different ways I could make it and this is the recipe that I decided to make. This instructable will show you how you can make a delicious Halloween themed rack of lamb. I was surprised how quick and easy rack of lamb was to make and had great fun creating an easy presentation for it. Follow through and let's make some lamb!

Step 1: Ingredients

I used a frozen rack of lamb that was already cut this way because I could not find it fresh.

Rice mix I used Jambalaya
Small tomato or canned beets and fresh mushrooms, green olives, and lettuce
Squash or carrots to add color
Fresh Rosemary
Mint for garnish if desired
Kosher salt
Extra virgin olive oil


Roasting pan, skillet, sauce pan with lid, whisk, bowls, serving platter, large fork, grater, and knife

Step 2: Garlic Rub

Mix about 4- buds of minced garlic with a couple of tablespoons of olive oil.

My son suggested that I made some garlic butter to serve along with the lamb. So I did! With this in mind, if you have never eaten lamb before; you might want to mince extra garlic for the garlic butter now.

Step 3: Lamb Rub

Rub the garlic oil mixture over the Lamb thoroughly.
Salt and pepper the lamb as desired.

Step 4: Sear Meat


Sear the lamb on all sides.
While the meat is cooking pre-heat the oven to 350 degrees F

Step 5: Roast Lamb

Place the seared lamb in a shallow oven proof pan and add a fourth of a cup of water to the pan and place it into the oven to finish cooking to desired doneness.
While the meat is baking go on to the next step.

I think a lot of people prefer lamb about medium rare which makes a very impressive presentation but we like it cooked longer than that.

Step 6: Rice

I used a Jambalaya rice mix for this recipe and it was very good with the lamb but pasta would work nicely also.
Cook the rice while the meat is baking.

Step 7: Garlic Butter

I diced a tablespoon of the rosemary and added it to 1/4 stick of softened butter and 4-5 minced garlic buds. This really set off the lamb!

Step 8: Squash

I sliced and cooked the squash and carrots in a buttered skillet, to add a little color.
You don't need much as you will see from the pictures later.

Step 9: Vegetables

It helps to add garnish to browned meats for a pop of color.

I washed the mushrooms.
Cut off the stems.
Sprinkled a little paprika over them or you could cut out a small hole for a green olive (for eye balls).
I cut out heart shaped beets and tomato's using beat juice for blood.
Slice and zest the lemon for garnish.

Step 10: Plating

I tried different colors of plates to try and make the meat show up better.
I positioned the meat differently on the plate to show how you can arrange lamb on a plate.

When the food was done, I placed the rice on the platter or plate and layered the rest as shown in the pictures.

Step 11: Sunshiine's Final Thoughts

The lamb was delicious and the theme was awesome for Halloween dinner. This is a perfect dinner for just a few people. It was delicious and impressive for Halloween.

I wish to thank instructables, our sponsors, authors, and loyal readers for making this such a great place to share! Have a safe and Happy Halloween!

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