Introduction: Halloween Cupcake Decorations

Create these cupcake toppers for your next Halloween party and you'll get lots of, "Ewww!", "Gross!" followed by "Let me try one!"

Using some fondant, you too can create these cupcake toppers - it's like playing with play-dough.


Ingredients and supplies I used:

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Step 1: Modeling the Fingers

I did not have flesh toned fondant - if you do, you can skip to the modeling the fingers. Since I didn't have any peachy fondant, I made my own by mixing some white and brown fondant.

Shape the fingers and use the pointed fondant modeling tool to mark the creases at the knuckles.

Press the tip of the finger a little flat - this is where the almond slice will be placed for the fingernail.

At the other end, use your finger to pinch some of the fondant off, and pull it to make it look like ligaments were ripped.

Step 2: Adding the Manicure

Take some corn syrup and apply a thin coat to the fingernail bed and attach.

Step 3: Form the Eyeballs

Take white fondant and make a log. This will help when you cut it into pieces so you end up with about the same size eyeballs. Cut into the number of eyeballs needed. Form balls and then using your palm, shape slightly into a pear shape initially, but then keep working the tail end of it to elongate. This will form the optic nerve.

Step 4: Time to Add the Blood

Put some corn syrup in a little dish and add some red food coloring. Stir to mix. Using a brush start applying the "coagulated blood" to the end where the finger was ripped off. You can add some blood on the finger and by the nail if you'd like.

Step 5: Coloring the Eyeballs

Take one of the eyeballs and using a small round cutter, mark a circle. I used the large end of a piping tip to make the mark - this helps when painting the iris to make sure it's round.

Mix some of the blue luster dust with a few drop of alcohol to dissolve. Using the brush lightly paint the circle. Take a dry fine brush and go back and lightly draw lines towards the center of the eyeball. This will give more definition to the iris so it's not a flat color.

With another brush paint a small black circle in the middle for the pupil. You can brush the outer edge of the blue with a little bit of black to give it even more dimension.

Step 6: Bloody Eyes

Need some blood on these eyeballs. Take some of the same red corn syrup and generously cover the optic nerve and most of the eyeball. Leave the front white, but you can draw some burst blood vessels on the front also.

Step 7: Spiders

To make the spider, you will need a larger black fondant ball (body) and a smaller one (legs).

Roll out the smaller ball into a thin strand. This piece will be cut in half and then in half two more times. You will need 8 legs. Arrange them as pictured.

For the body, form it into a smaller front (the head) and larger back (the body). User the modeling tool to make an indentation to show the separation between the head the body.

If you wish you can leave as is, or add a red cross on top using red fondant.

Step 8: Enjoy the Bloody Cupcakes!

Make your favorite cupcake and frost.

Add the decorations on top and wait for your guests to be grossed out while everyone tries to grab one!

Happy Halloween!!

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