Halloween Heels

Introduction: Halloween Heels

I painted up some beat-up patent heels after being inspired by a picture on reddit.  I was going to use acrylic enamel, which probably would have worked wonderfully, but with this being a last-minute craft, I decided to use nail polish.  It was so easy and worked SO WELL!  I googled "foot xray" and freehanded the skele-toes with a silver gel pen (which wiped right off if you make a mistake). All of the white bones only took one coat; I honestly couldn't believe it worked so well.  The back of the heels was the result of too much caffeine and an overload of Halloween spirit the night before the big day - I just freehanded the whole thing and it turned out better than expected.  Boo!

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    Oh, that's so cute! And you just used nailpolish?!? I just love the skeleton foot. It's so cute and I see you painted the bottom too. That was a good idea :)