Halloween Inspired Eye Makeup

Introduction: Halloween Inspired Eye Makeup

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Here is some halloween colours blended together to create this eye look.

Step 1:

First with a purple shade blend this in the crease and lower lash line with a large fluffy brush.

Step 2:

With a flat brush apply a pink shadow all over the lid.

Step 3:

With a black eyeshadow gently blend this on the outer corner of your eye. Take this on the outer lower lash line too.

Step 4:

With a yellow eyeshadow apply this to the inner corner of your eye

Step 5:

With a orange eye liner pencil apply this to the waterline.

Step 6:

With a black eyeliner crayon apply this to the top lid and slightly to the lower lash line. I also blend this out with a pencil brush.

Step 7:

Finally apply mascara and false lashes to your eyes.

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