Introduction: Halloween Mason Jar

This is an easy, simple craft to help spruce up your home decor! This project is perfect for a creative mind because it can be taken in may different directions by using different colors or designs. It also only takes a few minutes to complete with limited supplies needed.

Step 1: Assemble the Materials Needed

You will need:

  • 1 quart sized mason jar
  • 1 screw on metal ring
  • 1 battery operated tea light
  • 1 sheet of paper or cardboard (whatever your preference is)
  • About 1 foot of ribbon (whatever pattern or color you like)
  • Sharpie and scissors
  • Any color of acrylic paint you like (you don't need very much)
  • 1 Poly-brush sponge (any cheap sponge will do)

Step 2: Wash and Dry Mason Jar

  • First, you should thoroughly wash the outside of the mason jar. It is acceptable to use normal dish soap and water.
  • Next, you need to dry the outside of the mason jar with a dish cloth before moving on to the next step.

Step 3: Draw Your Design

Draw whatever Halloween design you would like on your Mason Jar using a Sharpie marker.

  • The Sharpie marker rubs of easily with a wet paper towel if mistakes are made.
    • You must be sure to dry the area well after wiping it off.
  • You should draw on the side of the jar that is smooth and without words for the easiest drawing experience.

Step 4: Paint the Mason Jar

When painting the Mason Jar:
  • You should be sure to shake the acrylic paint well before using.
  • It is easiest to pour about a quarter-sized amount of paint onto a paper plate and keep adding more as needed. This method makes for an easier clean-up.
  • It is best to wet the sponge with water and thoroughly squeeze with a dishcloth before painting. This makes for smoother application of the paint.
  • When you are painting the jar, carefully paint around the Halloween design.
  • It is easier to dab the sponge than it is to use long, painting strokes as you don't have to do apply a second coat.

Step 5: Allow the Paint to Dry

This is an important step because the paint needs to be completely dry before the other decorations can be added to the jar. To speed up the drying process, you could blow air on the wet paint using a hairdryer.

Step 6: Trace the Lid

While the paint is drying, you should trace the lid to your Mason Jar.

  • You take the metal band and trace around the skinniest part of the band on to cardboard or colored paper.

Step 7: Finish the Lid

Once you have traced the outline on the cardboard or paper, you should fit the cut out to the metal band.

  • First, you cut the cardboard or paper outline. It should be a circle about the size of the metal band.
  • Next, you push the cardboard or paper circle inside the metal band. You may need to trim the paper just a little so it fits snuggly inside the metal band.

Step 8: Add the Tea Light

Next, you should carefully place the tea light inside the Mason Jar. It may be best to turn the tea light on at this point.

Step 9: Screw on Lid

Next, you carefully screw on the paper/cardboard lid. You should be careful not to rub or chip off any of the paint.

Step 10: Add Bow

Finally, you can tie the bow onto your Mason Jar decoration.

  • You should tie the bow around the neck of the jar.
  • You can put the bow placement however you like and fluff the bow in whatever way you think looks best.

Step 11: Finished Product

Voila! You have completed your simple, Mason Jar, Halloween Decoration. This creative project takes only a few minutes and is perfect to spruce up or simplify in whatever way you like!