Halloween Mummy Coaster DIY

Introduction: Halloween Mummy Coaster DIY

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See how to make this fun Mummy Coaster!

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Step 1:

1. Prepare your resin. Add some black opaque pigment, until solid black. Then add a little white pearl pigment, to brighten it just a tad.

2. Pour into mold and let cure.

3. Once hard, take masking tape strips and cover the resin, leaving an opening for the eyes.

4. Take white acrylic paint, with just a touch of gray, on a paint brush and paint the tape. Carefully paint all the way to the edges of the resin. Allow to dry.

5. Glue on eyes. Allow to dry.

6. Take more masking tape and apply it slightly over eyes. Do not rub down on the eye part because you want to be able to lift it away from the eyes when you are painting. After you paint those strips and they dry, then you can rub them down.

7. Take permanent marker and draw a simple mouth. Allow to dry.

8. Prepare more resin and pour it over the piece. Be aware that you will have more bubbles than usual, because of the gaps in the tape. Use a lighter or straw to remove the bubbles.

9. Allow to cure before unmolding.

That's it! Now you have a fun Mummy for Halloween!

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    Cool design! I love the peaking out eyes, and how 3 dimensional it looks! You should definitely enter this into our Halloween Decor Contest! Thanks for sharing!