Introduction: Halloween OLED Eye Salad

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Imagine you served a salad in Halloween and it has a watching eye on it and it is moving as if it is watching your activity.Each slice you take the moving eye in the salad makes you feel it is seeing you and makes you scared.

We we are going to make a Halloween eye salad dish that has a O LED display in it with moving eye display and the slices are also cut in the Halloween theme to make more scary foe friends in Halloween week.

It is really gong to to be very exciting and enjoying for you so Lets start making it and lets make it ready to serve this amazing food in Halloween week to surprise our friends and relatives.

Step 1: Lets First Go for Shopping to Buy Stuffs Below

Vegetables for the salad you can buy any number and any vegetables from market to make salad.

here is is the list of following items I have used in salad.

  • capsicum (you can better use pumpkin because we are going to fit the o led display in it)
  • cucumber
  • Tomato etc.

Electronics components we need to buy :-

  • O.LED display ssd1306
  • Arduino pro mini
  • small 3.3 v battery
  • some wires

Step 2: Setting the Electronic Components.

First of all we need to solder the wiring of OLED display and Arduino pro micro.We need to do connection of Arduino pro micro as in following:-

OLED_____________________Arduino pro micro





Now after it we need to upload the following code to Arduino pro mini

Downlode code

Step 3: Preparing the Electronics and Pumpkin.

Now cut the top of Pumpkin (or capsicum what ever you are using ) carefully as in pic.Then empty the materials inside it carefully .Then the cut the front of pumpkin as the shape of OLED display so the it fit in it.then fix the battery and OLED display in the cut that you have made as in pic.Make sure all the electronic components are in plastic to prevent short circuiting.Now you are all most ready.cleck all connection carefully and carefully turn on it with battery now you will see the eye on OLED display.

Step 4: Making of Salad

Now cut the salad in shape of skulls and decorate it in your Halloween way and then put the OLED capsicum /pumpkin in the plate and decorate it according to you as like in pic.

Step 5: Congrats You Are Done

Now your amazing salad is ready to serve and to scare your friends.serve it to your friends and make them scared and amaze with the the wonderful moving eye that makes them fill that it is watching them and it is alive.

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