Halloween "Severed Leg" Prop




Introduction: Halloween "Severed Leg" Prop

This is a super simple yet super creepy looking prop for Halloween decor! If you can collect enough old shoes, socks and bones it is really quick and easy to make large numbers of these to scatter around the floor of a haunted house or in the bushes along your walkway to scare Trick-or-Treaters.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

Only six materials are needed for this project, most of which can be found around your home or purchased inexpensively.

  • Old shoe
  • Old sock
  • Large, clean animal leg bone (deer, pig or similar sized - obtain one from a butcher shop if you do not hunt)
  • Poly-fill or pillow stuffing
  • "Bondo" auto-body filler (can be purchased at Wal-Mart in the auto section)
  • Red paint.

Step 2: Shape the Sock and Insert Bone

Fill the sock with enough stuffing to give it a good, filled out shape - You want to have a convincingly shaped "foot" inside the shoe!

Place the bone inside the sock, leaving at least 6" to 8" of its length sticking out of the top, or longer if you have a larger bone. Fill in the space around it with stuffing, and allow a small amount of the stuffing to protrude out of the top.

Then put your sock and bone into the shoe.

Step 3: Begin Bondo-ing

Do this step OUTDOORS - Bondo has a very strong odor until it cures!

Mix your Bondo as instructed on the container. It cures fairly quickly, so work fast when after you stir in the hardener. I use a disposable plastic knife for mixing and spreading Bondo.

Spread the Bondo over the stuffing around the "ankle", covering it enough to give it a lumpy, fleshy appearance. Allow it to drip or ooze anywhere, as this will only add to the final gory appearance! I also scooped up the remainder of the Bondo and placed it on the very top of the bone, letting it drip down freely until it cured and hardened.

Step 4: Paint It!

After the Bondo has cured, put a layer of red paint over it to give it a realistically "meaty" appearance! You can spray paint the largest section and add additional detail with regular acrylics.

Step 5: Display It!

After the paint dries, you are finished! There are countless creepy ways to display this,
or use it as a carry-along prop for a costume, as shown above (want to know how I made that werewolf mask? Look here! -> Add Realism to Store-Bought Werewolf Mask)

Of course, this severed leg is only one "step" into prop-making techniques, you can change up this same method however you wish for other types props as well - after all, there is really no limit to what freakish looking things can make with bones, Bondo, and pillow stuffing! Have fun, be creative, and have a Happy Halloween!

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7 years ago

I bet you're a fun person to have as a neighbor!!! love the idea with REAL bones! I know its just May now but GOD what fun possibilities for Halloween though! :P except all the bones I get to use belonged to a moose at one point.

Neat! Also ewwww, that's gross looking. Which actually just it makes it more awesome. Thanks for sharing!