Introduction: Halloween Soccer Cleats.

Hello, welcome. I see you are interested in doing this amazing soccer cleats. Let's get right into it. I started doing some interviews to know what our users wanted to see in their cleat. At first, I wanted to do a shoe but I changed the Idea to a cleat. Here are some of the questions I asked: "If you had a chance to have a painter paint your shoe or cleat of a scary movie character, what character would it be and why?" I got a lot of good answers and most of them wanted old scary movie characters which I never knew about but some kids told me they would like The Joker and I was excited because that was a very good idea. I asked a kid this question "What scary character scares you the most? and he said Pennywise ( clown of the movie IT). As I was seeing what character I should choose I wanted to choose the famous ones that most people know, IT and The Joker. My next step was to do the drivers and constraints. Do the things a user would want in their cleat (Drivers) and what will be the challenges of making the user happy (Constraints). I wanted it to be creative, unique, cheap and spooky but it's very hard to make a cleat spooky so I wasn't really focused on doing the spooky part. The challenges were, that I needed to do a design that hasn't been done before by anybody so the user that would be wearing it be unique. Getting the right materials to paint on so it can look smooth and cool. Our final goal was to paint good enough for the user to like it. The constraints were pretty hard since I wasn't good at panting with paintbrushes and if I wasn't good the project would be a disaster. Then I started to sketch. I sketched a shoe with the Joker theme on it so I would know what It was going to look like but since I changed from a shoe to a cleat I imagined the drawing of the shoe in the paper was a drawing of a cleat with the same theme. I was supposed to draw a lot of sketches but I just wanted to focus on one which was kind of my mistake since I only had one Idea sketched out from all of the Ideas I could've done. I hope while you follow the steps you will become successful in doing your cleats. Before you do this you need to promise to color whenever the paint comes off when you hit the ball (It sucks but it's part of painting cleats) or maybe you can put it as decoration in your room or house.


-Testing cleat (Optional)

-Plasti Dip color white (Optional)

-Sharpies (Different colors) (If you choose to use a Testing cleat)

-Paint (Colors black, yellow, red, green, purple, white and more if you want to add other things)

-Paintbrush (Small and medium brush size)

-The final cleat. The ones I used: bright red Nike Phantom VSN academy cleats (You can use others but no leather cleats)


-Masking tape


Step 1: Choosing the Cleat

As I said in the first part, I was going to do a shoe first but then I changed Idea so I grabbed a testing cleat which can be painted on (NOT LEATHER) and then I chose the cleat I actually use in soccer (You don't have to choose the cleat that you use in soccer). This is kind of hard because you need to choose a cleat that is the right shape and has cool little features like the silver Nike sign the red cleat has. The testing was a shoe I used to wear when I was little and I needed to get rid of it, so why not use it as a prototype to see if my idea would work. So I would greatly recommend using a cleat you used to wear and dosent fit anymore as a prototype. Choose wisely!

Step 2: Use the Testing Cleat to Paint in Plasti Dip.

For this step, you will need a surface that will get messy or you can get a newspaper as a surface. You will also need the Masking Tape and the Plasti dip (white). Place all of the tape pieces on the areas you don't want the white paint to go so I chose the part where the laces go. I would recommend to also put it in the bottom part of the cleat. You will need to be careful while using the Plasti dip because if you put too much on one side it will be a lot and it will affect you when you start painting it. Do not press down all of the time, push once for maybe 2 seconds each time you are going to paint the testing cleat. After you are done with painting it, let it dry for maybe 1 hour. After it is dry take the tape off and you should be ready to trace with a sharpie.

Step 3: Mark With a Sharpie Where You Are Going to Paint

This step is very easy. So I was thinking I was going to do 2 joker shoes that looked the same but I changed Idea into doing 1 for IT and 1 for Joker. I grabbed 2 different colors, green and blue (blue=purple) and draw 1 wavy line for green and 1 wavy line for blue, 1 wavy line for green and 1 wavy line for blue and you should keep going until you get all of the cleat full with wavy lines. Now when you are done with the lines you already know what colors to put in between the wavy lines. I do not recommend how I did it, I did 2 green wavy lines and 2 blue wavy lines and it got me very confused so you should do 1 wavy green and 1 wavy blue.

Step 4: Paint Your Test

Now you paint (use newspaper as surface). I followed the lines and it should be all wavy lines with a pattern of green, purple, green, purple. And at the back, I added a red square and with a green small paintbrush I put "HAHA!". I didn't really like that so I knew I wasn't going to do that for my final cleat. I painted the testing cleat green and purple with a medium paintbrush but I would recommend using a small one. Now for the IT testing cleat, I painted it all black except I left a little space on the sides so there can be space for a balloon. So I put 1 ballon on each side and with the color black, I painted the string with obviously a small paintbrush. I painted the balloon with the color red with a medium paintbrush. I didn't do the balloon correctly because it looks like a popsicle so what I would recommend is to practice doing a balloon with a string in the newspaper. Then I added some red paint to the medium paintbrush and started hitting the brush part with my pointer finger to create red splashes in the black part of the cleat. This should be enough for it to look nice and if it looks like it has little bubbles and the paint also looks weird, that means you added too much Plasti Dip, so know you now you are not going to use Plasti Dip for your final cleat.

Step 5: Start Adding With a Sharpie Some Lines and Paint the Cleat for the Joker.

We are doing the same thing we did on the test. We are adding wavy lines to know where the green goes and where the purple goes. But this time you will have to stop doing lines midway through the cleat and leave the part in the back empty. I recommend to put scotch on the bottom of the cleat and where the laces go but since my cleat dosent have laces, then put the tape on the top of the cleat. This can be optional but you can also put tape were the model of the cleat is, like shown on the photos I left a space with tape because there the model of the cleat is written. So first you should paint with purple or green and then filling in what's missing with the opposite color either green or purple. You should now paint the backside all black. Then add purple to the medium paintbrush and on top of the black paint do some sparkles. As I said, you do sparkles by hitting the point of the brush with your pointer finger, so you flick your pointer finger with your thumb against the tip of the brush. Then if you did purple first now do sparkles with green. Now you are all done with The Joker cleat. If you have my cleat, the triangle with rough material DO NOT PAINT.

Step 6: Painting the IT Cleat

Now that we left the hard steps we are doing the easy step. We are painting the last final cleat, "IT". First, you put newspaper and paint with a medium paintbrush the whole cleat black (If you have my cleat do not paint the Nike logo in the front, the rest you should paint). Now that you have all of the cleat painted black and already dry you should write in the backside "I i T" (The i represents a ballon so draw a ballon in between the letter I and T). I added two sayings Pennywise said "Take IT" and "You'll float too". I didn't have a lot of trouble making the letters because I first wrote them with a pencil on the cleat and then I painted on top of what I wrote with a pencil. One idea that I came up with is to add new things that represent the movie IT to the cleat so you can make a cooler "IT" cleat.

Step 7: You Made It!!

By this point, your cleats are already done. You can use them in soccer games or use them as a cool decoration in your room or house. To use them in soccer games you need to promise something and that is that whenever the paint comes off you have to paint it again because it will come off when you use it and hit the ball hard. Well, thanks for visiting and following the steps I gave to make the perfect Halloween cleat.

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