Halloween Spider

Introduction: Halloween Spider

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We organized a halloween party and I wanted to do a spider that I saw on Pinterest.

Step 1: Recycling

I used leftover from my jobb. This paper is used for packning.

Step 2: Rolling

I tried to achieve the shape that I wanted by rolling the paper, holding hard and using tape to keep it that way.

Step 3: Allt the Parts Are Ready

I used wire for the legs. I covered it with tape firs. That would make it easy to ut on the paper ache later.

Step 4: Putting All Together

I attached the head and other oarts with hot glue gun.

Step 5: Paper Mache

I used strips of newspaper and wallpaper glue. It is very cheap and it works pretty good.

Step 6: Pain It Black

I used acrylic paint. It is good because it shines.

Step 7: Creepy Face

To make the hairy face I cut grant in small pieces and then I used the hot glue gun. Because I work at a factory I have the opportunity to get a lot of interesting things. I used the package of drills to make the eyes.

Step 8: At the Party

There it is, hanging on there. I made the web too but as usual I forgot to take pictures. But it was very simple and quick. I used a rope, hot glue gun and scissors :-)

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