Introduction: Halloween Yard Art (pallet Wood)

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We needed some yard art for Halloween, so I got out some tools, and pallet wood. For this project you will need pallet slats, saw, scroll saw (or jig saw), screwdriver, drill, paint, wood glue, safety glasses, and screws. This is really a fun project, so use your imagination and create your own yard art.

Step 1: Use Pallet Slats for the Fence

Cut your pallet slats any length, and cut peaks at the tops. Mine were 20 inches long, and I varied the width of the slats for appearance.

Step 2: Layout

Then you can layout the slats and space them using scraps. Cut two backing strips long enough to cover your slats on the rear of the fence.

Step 3: Attach the Backing Boards

Drill and countersink the backing boards and attach them with screws. I used two screws per slat and this was plenty sturdy

Step 4: Making a Pumpkin

Locate four pallet slats, and cut them larger than you want your pumpkin. Then glue and clamp the slats together. Once this dries draw the shape pf a pumpkin on your board.

Step 5: Make Your Pumpkin

Cut out your pumpkin using a scroll saw or a jig saw. You could use a hand saw but this is difficult and time consuming. Be sure to make your pumpkins different sizes as this adds to the appearance. I made two pumpkins but three would fit as well.

Step 6: Pumpkins

Paint your pumpkins and attach them to your fence. Position everything first before you attach your pumpkins and set them for the best look. Attach the pumpkins with screws from the front. Then paint the screw heads to match.

Step 7: Adding Scary Stuff

I made two ghosts on the scroll saw and attached them behind the pumpkins. This really added to the scene.

Step 8: Finish the Project

I added two small ears of Indian corn, then sprayed my project with clear lacquer to protect it from the elements. This was really fun to make. Let me know what you think and show me what you made if you decide to use this idea.

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