Introduction: Halloween Zombie Eye Food Label Holder - Easy & Attractive

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Only 2 Days Left for Halloween and this instructable might be only to decorate your table atlast! :)

In this Instructable., i will show you how to make an Halloween eye Food Label Holder to add some spooky effect to your Halloween party.
This Food label holder would be made by Tennis Table Ball which are easily available & Perfect shape to make an Artificial Eye.


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Step 1: Get the Materials

1. Tennis Table Ball

2. Acrylic/ Fabric Paints.

3. Hot glue

4. Paint Brush

5. Cutting Disc / Cutter

Only 5 things Required , and many of us would be having these in our home Already.

Step 2: Start by Cutting

Cut the Tennis Ball before Painting as we don't want to mess the colored ball. or the cutting disc/ Cutter may scratch the paint.

So , Find the Middle Line in the Ball and Cut the ball Quarter.

Sand the Rough Edges with a fine sand paper.

Step 3: Make a Black Dot

Now, Let's Paint!

Start by Making a big black dot at front of ball . position the cut up only.

Step 4: Paint It Blue!

So, Paint the Rest Ball with blue all Over just leaving the black dot.

Step 5: Paint the EyeBall

Now When black dot is dry. put a big White dot on the big black dot.( Leave a little boundry of black dot.)

Step 6: Making the Base

Take a Hard Plastic Sheet or laminated book cover.

Apply huge amount of hotglue at one point and let it make a Circle.

Now, when the circle is formed, put the eye in middle and let it cool in freezer or outside.

Step 7: Place It.

Now we have made it!

Rest you can make your own color combinations to make it more spooky and impress your friends with these all around on your table.

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