Hamburger Sushi Roll




Introduction: Hamburger Sushi Roll

This was a new one for me I am usually in the wood shop or playing with metal,and not baking. I found this to be a pretty easy meal to make and it was very tasty in my opinion. I was surfing the web last year,and found how to make this great summer time meal. I can't remember who to give credit so if anyone knows who made this first please let me know. This was a fun way to make a bacon hamburger.

Step 1: Just Add Bacon

first lay out bacon onto sushi mat. Then gather a pound of chopped meat in a large bowl,mix with favorite hamburger rub or spices. I used a steak rub. Mix well. you can also add garlic,onions, or peppers, really what ever you want.

Step 2: Layering

Layer your meat mix atop if bacon. Make sure you are spread out evenly over bacon,but be sure not to cover all the bacon, so that you can roll your burger roll. Add your favorite cheese, we chose Colby Jack which gave this a great flavor. you can also add more bacon or BBQ sauce,or what ever else you might think would be good in here.

Step 3: Roll It, Pat It, and Bake It With Some BBQ Sauce

So first take your sushi mat and roll up your bacon and burger mix. This was done a while ago and I just sorta went with the rolling mat and it rolled up very nicely,for me I am sure there are better directions out there than just go for it, but that's pretty much the way it went for me. After the rolling I put both rolls that I made on an aluminum foiled baking sheet and set oven for 350f, as the oven pre heated I smothered rolls in BBQ sauce,and then placed in the oven. after 15 min I took them out and flipped and RE-applied BBQ sauce. After another 15 I turned the oven to broil on hi for a few minutes until top was crisp.

Step 4: Enjoy

And that is it take out of oven slice and serve with fresh garden salad, and it a wrap. Hope you enjoyed my instructable, can't wait to hear if anyone else has tried or has added new better ingredients. Thanks for reading

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    4 years ago

    This sounds easy and looks tasty.

    I'd prob make a few adjustments to give it more of a japanese flavour. Use spring onion instead of onion, chuck some panko crumbs in the mix and top it off with some bulldog tonkatsu sauce. Serve up with a side of boiled rice and a bowl of miso.