Introduction: Hammer in Garden Edging, Tool

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If you've ever used or attempted to use Hammer In Garden Edging you may know that it can be a frustrating and hard on the knees job. I needed to install some of the edging and remembering the hard job it was last time. I decided that some assistance was needed. So I cut a slot in a 2 x 2, and with a hammer I could install the edging without being on my knees (all the time) to do it.


A 2 x 2 or 2 x 4 (inch) by approx. 36 inch long piece of lumber.

A drill with a 3/8" drill bit.

A Clamp.

A saw.

A hammer.

A pencil or marker.

Gardening Edging, mine is the interlocking type.

Step 1: Drilling the Hole

Mark your chosen piece of lumber with 3 dots in the center of the piece. Drill the two outside holes straight through, and work the drill bit from side to side to make a slot.

Step 2: Making the Slot

Using your saw, cut off the bottom part of the board, right at the edge of the bottom hole. The slot will be about an inch deep. You can see that my board is 33 5/8 inches long.

Step 3: Using the Edging Tool

If you are installing the Garden Edging around an existing garden, (sorry no pictures) place the first piece of edging against the edge of the grass, put slot of tool over edging and hammer in, to desired depth. Add another piece of edging and continue on repeating with the tool. An advantage of the tool, is you can stand up to install the edging and the top of the edging won't get damaged or broken by a direct hammer blow.

Pro Tip

If you are installing the edging straight into the lawn, use a garden spade to cut a 2 inch slot into the lawn to start the edging.

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